2013 Special Mention - 葉建邦 YIP Kin Bon Elvis

2013 Special Mention
葉建邦 YIP Kin Bon Elvis
<在意 I care even a word and a sentence.>

混合媒介 mixed media

創作自白Artwork statement:
Heirloom is something, perhaps an object or family values that has been passed down for generations through family members. I try to change the traditional way ( from past generation to next generation )  of heirloom. I interpret my mother words and our memories, transform them into different small objects, and to express my gratitude to her.

作品簡介 About artwork:

我知道媽媽心裡一直對於自己小學二年級便要綴學而未能釋懷。依我理解當代藝術的意念者比執行者更重要,沒有她跟我這二十四年來的生活片語就不可能完成這件作品。讓她成為畢業作品裡意念的來源, 創作同時屬於二人的畢業作品。
I know that mum never put the past ( Poverty compelled her to quit school when she was Primary 2. ) behind her. As I understand, in some cases the people who created idea is much more important than the executor in contemporary art world . Without mum’s phrases in this 24 years, I am impossible to create this artwork. By making her words  the main idea of my work,  this is my graduation work as well as hers.

藝術家簡介 About artist: 

葉建邦, 混合媒體創作。 1989年生於香港。2013年取得香港浸會大學視覺藝術院學士。以想像力解讀生活,就是他創作的核心思想及方法。他一直希望拉近藝術品與日常生活的距離,以及拉近觀者與藝術的距離。
Yip Kin Bon, a mixed media artist, was born in 1989 and raised in Hong Kong. He received his Bachelor of Visual Art from Hong Kong Baptist University in 2013. Interpreting daily life imaginatively is the core of his thinking and methods. Hope to narrow the distance between art and everyday life, at the same time, narrow the distance between viewers and art.

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