2012 Special Mention - 林秋怡 Lam Shirley

2012 Special Mention
林秋怡 Lam Shirley
Installation with audio, text and photos

創作自白Artwork statement:

Someone found a little box named ‘art’.
Tapping on it, one heards birds twitter.
One smells lavender.
Some suddenly feel sad.
Some think that it can make big money.

The box can’t be opened.
And yet art is like sunshine, and it does exist.
Once in a while, it comes and goes.
Everyone will see it shine.  


作品簡介 About artwork:

The value of art for me is its possibility of lightness. Art is liberal and inspire all the time, no matter who you are, no matter in what system or situation you are, and no matter what you are trying to find through art. Art work can be without a personal creation and can have a open-ended result. (It even can have no ending.)Through sharing a illusion, believe or enjoyment of art in public scene, I had nothing to say but a lot to hear. The process comes out with a relational aesthetic and in my point of view it is my ideal art, without boundary or even remind us that those boundary that we see is not really a clear line but a border that range could be test.

The artwork is a presentation of my exchanging event ( handmade ceramic exchanging a meal with stranger on street )host in Ping Shak Estate, 2012.

藝術家簡介 About artist: 

Lam graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University, with a minor in creative writing. Lam is interested in applied art and many of her works of art are made with ceramics and metals, which enable her to consider the complex relationships between people and the arts. She likes to travel around the world, and has been selling items on the street and bartering in Mexico in order to reflect on the publicity of the arts. She is convinced that art is life, and her creative work attempts to break down the boundaries between classes, taste, and other social categories in promoting genuine appreciation of art per se.

參與展覽 Exhibitions:

‘Splash” Graduation Show, AVA, HKBU

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