TUNA PRIZE 2011 Results 得獎結果

黃紹全 Wong Siu Chuen
<Imagine this is a Game>

薛晉寧 Sit Chun Ning
<Art Salesman>

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2011 評審團及捐贈者 Judges and Donators

評審團 Judging panel:
鄭家樺 Cheng Ka Wah(2008)
李苑汶 Annabella Li(2008)
張景威 Reds Cheung(2009)
陳曰明 Joego Chan(2009)
黃繼宇 Joseph Wong(2009)
伍啟豪 Roger Ng(2010)
鄧啟耀 Frank Tang(2010)
楊沛鏗 Trevor Yeung(2010)
溫桂文 Vincent Wan(2010)

捐款者 Donator:
方琛宇 Silas Fong(2008)
梁嘉儀 Jessie Leung(2010)
陳日明 Joego Chan(2009)
蟻穎琳 Ant Ngai(2008)
傅詠彤 Monica Fu(2009)
林雪姿 Ophelia Lam(2008)
劉安怡 Bernice Lau(2009)
吳家俊 Hei Ng(2008)
沈詠敏 Sum Wing Man(2008)
李苑汶 Annabella Li(2008)
鄭家樺 Cheng Ka Wah(2008)
張景威 Reds Cheung(2009)
黃美鴻 Abby Wong(2009)
黎朗生 Sunday Lai(2009)
鍾雪姿 Shirley Chung(2009)
范幸薇 Natalie Fine(2009)
李靜嫻 Laura Nogueira Li(2009)
伍啟豪 Roger Ng(2010)
鄧啟耀 Frank Tang(2010)
楊沛鏗 Trevor Yeung(2010)
溫桂文 Vincent Wan(2010)

*將會繼續更新 will keep updating


《八十:視覺藝術院畢業展2011》 評賞及分享會

Critique and Sharing Seminar

地點:AVA Gallery
主持:張景威 Reds Cheung

All are welcome, seminar will be conducted in Cantonese


TUNA PRIZE 2011 Promotion item designer

TUNA PRIZE logo and TUNA PRIZE 2011 Promotion Poster
Designed by Chan Kit ( Special Mention 2010)


2009 TUNA PRIZE Winner - 黃嘉榮 Wayne Wong Ka Wing

2009 TUNA PRIZE Winner



重要须知:黄嘉荣在此特别提醒用户,在观看本务之前,务必认真阅读本声明 各项条款,以决定接受或不接受本声明全部条款 ,并同意接受本声明各项条款的约束。







可能涉嫌侵犯其合法权益,应该 及时向黄嘉荣或服务网站提出书面反馈,并提供真实的身份证明、权属证明及详细侵权情况证明,黄嘉荣在收到上述法律文件并确认其效力及 证明力后,将会尽快做出回复及采取相关措施。


1987年生在香港, 童年長於廣州。第二屆香港浸會大學視覺藝術院畢業生。畢業榮譽作品沒有帶來榮譽, 卻獲頒吞拿獎。創作源自感情關係及社會現像,媒介依題材而定,包括行為,攝影和慨念作品。 短期目標是成為藝術上唱著流行曲的Indie詩人。

2009 TUNA PRIZE Winner

Wayne Wong Ka Wing

Painting, video

Artwork statement:
Wong Ka Wing does not take any legal, artistic, copyright and other related responsibilities.
All the resources came from the internet, serving only private learning and sharing purposes.
May not be used under any art or commercial purposes.
Trial version only. Please delete within 24 hours after viewing.
if you like this work, please purchase the original.

About Artist:
Wong Ka Wing was born in Hong Kong in 1987, has his childhood in Guang zhou。He received her BA Visual Arts from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University. His honor project brings him no honor, but Tuna Prize. Relation between people and social phenomenon are what his works concern about. Performance, conceptual work and photography are the media he use.
His short term target in art is being a “pop-song singing indie poet”

2011    “Free-Rider”   ExpermantA, Central

2010    “art@alivepark”  HongKongPark, Central

2009    “風雨飄搖愛國時”    Artist commune, cattle depot artist village
            “Speed/ Variety”    Artist commune, cattle depot artist village
            “ 六六四四折掂佢”    C & G Art Space
            “New Trand 2009”    Artist commune, cattle depot artist village
            “Searching for the Missing”    Artist commune, cattle depot artist village
            “Former central school envisioning  days”   Former central school, central
            “Transit return”,   AVA Gallery, HKBU

2008    “Save our Market”   Graham street, central
            “Transit (HKG TO HGY)”  Yada-Gallery, Nagoya, Japan
            “A round table”  Hong Kong Baptist University Homecoming Day, Jockey Club courtyard
            “Arrest”  Cattle depot artist village

Tuna Prize 2009


TUNA PRIZE 2011 募捐及招募行動

TUNA PRIZE 2011即將來臨,我們現正進行募捐、招募評審及籌委小組。

募捐行動 Fundraising

Please transfer the donation to following account, and email the receipt.

建議捐款額 Suggested donation:港幣100元
銀       行 Bank: 恆生銀行 Hang Seng Bank
戶口姓名 Acc. holder: LAM SIU WING
戶口號碼 Acc. No.: 366-216786-668


如果你希望成為今屆評審團,在寄回捐款收據時,同時標明<我希望成為今屆TUNA PRIZE評審團>

評審日期 Judging date16 / 6|11:00-17:00
評審團人數:9 - 11 人
2010畢業生:2009畢業生:2008畢業生= 4 : 3 : 2

截止日期 Deadline1/6/2011

評賞及分享會 Critique and Sharing Seminar
地點Venue:AVA Gallery

不同年份的AVA畢業生都能成為我們籌委小組的一份子,我們希望更多的新血加入,為TUNA PRIZE帶來最新鮮的想法,並讓TUNA PRIZE一代一代延續下去。


2010 TUNA PRIZE Winner - 伍啟豪 Roger Ng Kai Ho

2010 TUNA PRIZE Winner



愛作無聊事,但心水很清。 對圖像處理尤感興趣,愛發現社會的荒誕無稽。

2010   犀利畢業生聯展  Cultamap X青年廣場青年廣場,柴灣
           出爐-藝術系畢業生聯展 藝術公社牛棚藝術村

           SOLOS 視覺藝術院畢業展視覺藝術院畫廊,視覺藝術院香港浸會大學
           SCOOP 攝影展,視覺藝術院畫廊,視覺藝術院香港浸會大學

           LIVING IN B04 混合媒介展,視覺藝術院畫廊,視覺藝術院香港浸會大學
           HERE V ARE 視覺藝術院畫廊,視覺藝術院香港浸會大學
2009   祁趣 中國繪畫展,林護國際會議中心香港浸會大學

2010 TUNA PRIZE Winner

Roger Ng Kai Ho
 Image Editor
Mixed media

Artwork statement:
Observing every scratch in images found in the streets, we can find some inside stories behind the visual images. I repair the destroyed images for the purpose of responding to these stories.

About the artwork:
Whenever we see a banner of councilor being scratched or damaged, we may have snigger on it because of the “funny additive” added on the images. The scars on faces, cracks on teeth and the missing eyes are what we can commonly observe from the victimized image or banners.

Someone will just treat this phenomenon as a foolish prank and passes away. I think, however, it is a quite interesting subject matter by reading the scratches.
They, mostly strangers, create a narration onto the banner. I believe every scratch on banner have their own stories, which are related to both the one who scratched and the one who being scratched.

What I am going to do is not investigating the intention and behavior of those who create the narration. On the contrary, I try to project the stories behind each scratch by repairing them. Afterwards audience with different political and educational background may have advanced interpretation about the scratches based on my repairing.
I collect and repair the destroyed images to expose and to introspect the implied stories to the audience.
see video

About Artist:
Roger received his bachelor degree in Visual Arts in Academy of Visual Arts of Hong Kong Baptist University in 2010. Though operating with a non-sense and illogical mind, Roger observes everything clear. Roger likes to work with Image editing, the absurd existing in society is one of the major content of his work.   

2010    Cool Grad-show Joint-University Exhibition
            Cultamap X Youth Square, Youth Square, Chai Wan
            New Trend 2010 Joint-University exhibition
            Artist Commune, Cattle Depot Artist Village
            SOLOS Graduation Show, AVA Gallery, Academy of Visual Arts, HKBU
            SCOOP Photography Exhibition, AVA Gallery, Academy of Visual Arts, HKBU
            Living in B04 Mixed Media Exhibition, AVA Gallery, Academy of Visual Arts, HKBU
            Here V Are Design Exhibition, AVA Gallery, Academy of Visual Arts, HKBU
2009    QIQU Chinese Painting Exhibition of AVA
            Lam Woo International Conference Centre, HKBU

2010 Special Mention - 陳杰 Chan Kit

2010 Special Mention
Vaguely in Restraint



2010    Cool Graduate Show Cultamap
            New Trend Artist Commune
            SOLOS Graduation Show, AVA, HKBU
            SCOOP Photography Exhibition, AVA, HKBU
2009    Metamorphosis Glass Art Exhibition, AVA, HKBU

2010 Special Mention
Chan Kit
 Vaguely in Restraint

Artwork statement:
Spinning my body around, I fall into an uncontrollable situation from the physical restraint. Through the situation, I vaguely sense the existence of myself.

About Artist:
Graduated from Academy of Visual Arts of HKBU in 2010. Wandered in Taiwan for half year during college. Loves Photography, Graphic Design and Ceramic Art. In search of every delicate beauty and self-actualization in Art. 

2010    Cool Graduate Show Cultamap
            New Trend Artist Commune
            SOLOS Graduation Show, AVA, HKBU
            SCOOP Photography Exhibition, AVA, HKBU
2009    Metamorphosis Glass Art Exhibition, AVA, HKBU


2009 Special Mention - 張景威 Reds Cheung King Wai

2009 Special Mention
 <作品紀錄, 畢業習作, 畢業展


納悶,這是我對「Honor Project」真實的建構。

納悶,這是我對「Graduation Show」真實的重置。

「Documentation」: 將因納悶而進行的行為放大,及延長。這是最真實反映我對「 Documentation」這種方式的批判。創作紀錄可以是作品的一部份;作品本來便紀錄了最重要的事。從正面的角度想,創作紀錄有助呈現藝術創作過程,展示隱藏於創作過程中的藝術性。從另一角度看,它把作品本來具有的紀錄能力消除,這種方式主動地取代了藝術品的一個部份。面對這取捨應交由藝術家自行判斷,而非建制指令,或意識形態所安排。

「Honor Project」:將因納悶而進行的行為放大,及延長。這是最真實反映我對「Honor Project」這種方式的批判。創作本來便沒有必然的理由,也沒有理由為一個評核框架下創作。創作最根本的理由是什麼? 應該每一個創作者都有自己的定義。他想創作,便會創作;他不想創作,便不會創作。如果一個藝術創作者連創作與否的選擇權也沒有,甚或至不清楚具有選擇的權利。他們所創造的亦只會是功課,他們的將來亦只會是權力下的一個景觀製造者。畢業前的這個階段,我實在沒有興趣花時間於做功課。

「Graduation Show」: 將因納悶而進行的行為放大,及延長。這是最真實反映我對「 Graduation Show」這種方式的批判。關於展覽,展覽與展品之間的關係最令我關注,若展品與展覽之間的關係不大,展品可以用其他方式展示,沒有展覽的必要。若畢業展的重點在於從展品中觀察畢業生的表現。那麼,作品的內容又應該放到那裡去? 畢業展都沒有把這個問題看成為一個問題,而且將問題看成為必然的現象而不處理。

關於這是三件作品還是一個整體,我不希望由自己下定義,應作為留給觀眾思考的問題,同時反思「Documentation」(創作紀錄),「Honor Project」(創作),「Graduation Show」(展覽)三者的條件關係與及背後隠藏的學院評核制度。而他們代表了我對這三件事的態度。


自創座右銘 “藝術即生命。那麼你的生命不特別,你的藝術也不會特別”。

張的另一個特點來至他對本土性的重視。近來主力參與具本土人文色彩的項目,合作團體包括活化廳、MaD、香港設計大使、藍屋生活文化館、綠嶺行動等;並同時協助成立VAPIN及Viewor 兩個年青網上視藝平台,務求多角度理解視覺藝術的本土發展。


2010 印象.張愛玲 繪畫獎展覽
2009 出爐2009,牛棚藝術公社
         : 2009視覺藝術院畢業展,視覺藝術院 

Special Mention
Reds Cheung King Wai
 Documentation, Honor Project, Graduation Show
Drawing, Sculpture, Installation

Artwork statement:
Feeling bored, this is my authentic record of Documentation.

Feeling bored, this is my honest construction of an Honor Project.

Feeling bored, this is my genuine replacement for the Graduation show.

About the artwork:
“Documentation”:Feeling bored, expend and extend a ordinary behavior. This is a authentic record representing personal critic to “Documentation”. Documentation could be a part of artwork; artwork records something important. Pros documentation has shown it ability on record hidden aesthetic concern on artwork creating process. In negative perspective, it destroyed a part of ability that artwork could show, aggressively replaced a part of value of art. Artist have to make their own decision on using documentation to or not in specify case, rather than controlled by institution nor ideology.

“Honor Project”:Feeling bored, expend and extend an ordinary behavior. This is a authentic record representing personal critic to “Honor Project”. There are no eternal reason for creating artwork; that is not reasonable to create an artwork under assessment framework. The definition and reason of creating an artwork should clarify by artist own decision. Artist create there for artist be. Imagine there an artist does not has his right to create, or even don’t know any about his right, what he did is only an assignment, not an artwork; He will only become one of a spectacle maker under authority control. I am not interested in being like this.

“Graduation Show”: Feeling bored, expend and extend an ordinary behavior. This is a authentic record representing personal critic to “Graduation Show”. Concerning an exhibition, I mainly focus on relationship between artworks and the exhibition. If a group of works not related to the theme of exhibition, there are no reasons to follow an exhibition framework; If main reason on graduation show is to highlight student’s ability from their artworks, how the reason behind the artworks should be? 

I would like to leave the question to audience, re-consider about the relationship between “Documentation”(record), “Honor Project”(Artwork), “Graduation Show”(exhibition), are they essentially be together as one ?

Three objects formed an atmosphere, and hidden a period behind.

About Artist:
Reds Cheung is a Hong Kong visual artist, Studied in Visual Arts and Visual Culture Studies, mainly focus on mix-media practice. Reds believe there are no boundary between art creation and medium, but only thought remain in artist’s limitation. Practicing art both emotional and intellectual ways, explore in life, philosophy, social practice, media, culture, art and education etc, Reds’ piece always start from question and end from endless questions. Self quote: “Art is life. That’s means your artwork will not be special, as if your life is not special at all.”

Another significant mark among Reds art practices is localization. He is current participated in varies local community arts and humanity art projects, those parties including Woofarten, MaD, HK Ambassadors of Design, Wanchi Livinhood Space, Greener Action etc. At the same time, Reds involved in building two teens Visual Arts online platform VAPIN and Viewor.

Reds devoted in art with lively, sentimental and critical sense along his life experience, recent concerns including “rapid emotion changes in contemporary era”    

2010 Impressions. Eillen Cheung. Inaugural Painting Exhibition
         ArtAlive@Parl -“WishPark” – Exhibition Concept Development
2009 New Trend 2009, Artist Commune, Cattle Depot Artist Village, Hong Kong
         : Academy of Visual Arts Graduation Exhibition 2009
         Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University

2009 Special Mention - 羅偉珊 Susie Law Wai Shan

2009 Special Mention
<資訊中心 Information Centre
 羅偉珊 Susie Law Wai Shan


資訊中心佔領著平日的 Common Room(AVA110),作為一種事件性的介入。房間全黑白,設有歷屆畢業展刊物、年刊、舒適座位及軟枕予人流連。我製作了展覽指引及錄像訪問去引發一些關於藝術、藝術品以及畢業展本身的問題。


1. 展覽指引(免費派發) ﹣內有 資訊中心、畢業展、榮譽作品及錄像影片的訪問介紹

2. 錄像影片播放﹣ 訪問一些與視覺藝術院有關及對我創作上有影響的人甚麼是藝術及藝術品
視覺藝術院職員 ‐ 吳家輝
視覺藝術院學生 ‐ 許智成 楊修麟
視覺藝術院應屆畢業生 ‐ 張天佑 陸俊穎
視覺藝術院文學士課程總監 ‐ 奔子墨
視覺藝術院學生母親 – 羅太
視覺藝術院講師/插圖畫家 ‐ 黃照達
視覺藝術院警衛長 ‐ 張邦瑞
藝術教育工作者 ‐ 林曉東
藝術行政人員 ‐ 李俊峰
藝術研究員 ‐ 陳靜昕
全職藝術家 ‐ 白雙全 黃慧妍
新進藝術家 ‐ 方琛宇
藝術顧問/藝術家 ‐ 關尚智

3. 一名接待員﹣回應觀眾的詢問。

羅偉珊由 2011 年開始成為卑爾根藝術設計學院藝術系碩士生。有時候被美好的大自然、人和事緊緊包圍著的她,不禁忘掉藝術/藝術家或展覽相關的事情。現時非常用心感受她周遭的一切﹣包括人物、地方、自然等,更著力關注這種種之間的關係。她以疑問、重新理解、活躍聆聽、聯繫及價值搜索等為她的日常練習。




2009 新鮮人﹣兩岸四地當代青年藝術家作品展, 澳門牛房倉庫
         : 2009視覺藝術院畢業展,視覺藝術院
         Return Transit,視覺藝術院
2008 Transit – 國際當代藝術交流展,名古屋YADA Gallery
         9 x HK,視覺藝術院
         監獄藝術坊,牛棚藝術公社 / 長春社文化古跡資源中心

Special Mention
<Information Centre>
Susie Law Wai Shan

Artwork statement:
Art exhibition’s today are often confusing to people. The mission of this information centre is to investigate the different viewpoints regarding the term “Artist” and “Artwork”. Through video interviews and informal discussions, the audience may further appreciate and enjoy the Graduation show.

About the artwork:
Information Centre was an event‐based intervention, occupying a little room AVA110 right next to the campus side entrance. The centre was in all black and white, with seats and cushions, and graduation catalogue and yearbook of all previous years were displayed. I made an exhibition guide and an video of 16 interviews to asked questions about art, artwork, and the graduation exhibition itself.

I decided to set a scene/an occasion as I was the director of Public Relations of the show, I tried to utilize my role and duties to merge with what I have to show during graduation exhibition. (It made me feel more comfortable than making objects to display.)

1. an exhibition guide(freely distributed): showing introduction of Information Centre, “What is graduation show” & “What is Honors Project” & interviewees of the video.

2. a video projection: Interviewing people who are related to Academy of Visual Arts, and those who have influenced my art practice to talk about their views on “what is artist” and “what is artwork”.
*List of interviewees:
AVA Officer ‐ Ng Ka Fai
AVA Student ‐ Hui Ching Shing, Yeung Sau Lun
AVA Graduate ‐ Cheung Tin Yau, Luk Chun Wing
AVA Programme Director of BA ‐ Peter Benz
AVA Student’s Mother – Mrs Law
AVA lecturer / Illustrator ‐ Justin Wong Chiu Tat
AVA Security Supervisor ‐ Cheung Pong Shui
Art Educator ‐ Lam Hiu Tung
Art Administrator ‐ Lee Chun Fung
Art Researcher ‐ Janet Chan
Artist ‐ Pak Sheung Cheun, Doris Wong Wai Yin
Emerging Artist ‐ Silas Fong Sum Yu
Art Consultant / Artist ‐ Kwan Sheung Chi
Video link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOh0y‐jN8aw

3. a reception lady: to give responds to audiences’ general enquiries.

About Artist:
Susi Law has been taking the role of master student in fine art at Bergen Academy of Art and Design in Norway since 2011. Being surrounded by great nature and people makes her relate herself closer to the world in a natural way, sometimes she forgets about art/artist/exhibition-related stuff.
Currently Susi cares more about her surroundings (people, physical space, nature) and pay very much attention to the relations in between. She treats wondering, reinterpreting, active listening, relating and value hunting as her usual practices.

Graduated from Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University, worked as Project Manager in month-long festival October Contemporary 2009 – Now, or Never, and Manager of Curatorial Affairs at soundpocket from 2009 – 2011 which made her an active listener and decent caretaker. She is also interested in helping out people on various small tasks to nurture the local art and cultural field.

Recently she is fascinated by mist, lighthouse and Nordic sea. Corn and tou-fu is her favourite food.


2009 Fresh Artists ‐ The Art Exhibition of Young Artists from the cross Strait 4 Regions
         OX WAREHOUSE, Macau
         New Trend 2009, Artist Commune, Cattle Depot Artist Village, Hong Kong
         : Academy of Visual Arts Graduation Exhibition 2009
         Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University
         Return Transit, Academy of Visual Arts Gallery, Hong Kong
         Art‐at‐Stall (Auction @ New Year Night Market), Victoria Park, Hong Kong
         KLOMP! ‐ Charity Exhibition, Red Elation Gallery, Hong Kong
2008 Transit ‐ International Exchange Exhibition for Contemporary Art,
         Nagoya Citizens Gallery YADA, Japan
         9 x HK ‐ Everyday Design Exhibition, Academy of Visual Arts Gallery, Hong Kong
         Prison Art Explore (Site‐specific installation), Artist Commune, Cattle Depot Artist Village
         Hong Kong & The Conservancy Association Centre for Heritage, Hong Kong

2010 評審團及捐贈者 Judging panel and Donators

評審團 (同時為捐贈者)
吳家俊(2008),林雪姿(2008),方琛宇(2008)方韻芝(2008)沈詠敏(2008),范幸薇(2009)羅偉珊(2009)林兆榮 (2009)


Judging panel (also donator) 
Hei Ng(2008), Ophelia Lam(2008), Silas Fong(2008), Vangi Fong(2008), Sum Wing Man(2008), Natalie Fine(2009), Susie Law(2009), Swing Lam(2009)

Ant Ngai(2008)Abby Wong(2009)Chung Wai Ian(2009)Joego Chan(2009)Reds Cheung(2009)Sunday Lai(2009), Wayne Wong(2009)

2009 評審團及捐贈者 Judging panel and Donators

評審團 (同時為捐贈者)

Judging panel (also donator)

Ant Ngai(2008), Lisa Chan(2008),Hei Ng(2008), Silas Fong(2008), Vangi Fong(2008), Sum Wing Man(2008)

捐贈者 Donator:
林雪姿 Ophelia Lam(2008)


The pride of AVA

TUNA PRIZE 的名稱概念是由英國的 ‘Turner Prize’ 而引發的。‘Turner Prize’是一個頒予英國50歲以下年青藝術家的年度當代藝術獎項,於1984年成立,由英國Tate gallery舉辦,於Tate Britain舉行。曾獲獎的藝術家均耳熟能詳,如Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin, Rachael Whiteread, Gilbert & George等。

TUNA PRIZE 是一項由香港浸會大學視覺藝術院舊生頒予應屆畢業生的獎項,由第一屆舊生發起並於2009年成立,每年評審的角色由歷屆舊生擔任,目的是開放評審制度的平台, 透過年輕藝術家的評審眼光,前瞻本地藝術的最新趨向。因此,對於每屆新畢業生而言,Tuna Prize 乃一項別具特殊意義的奬項。奬項期望能由每年的新一屆畢業生延續下去。


TUNA PRIZE, is inspired by ‘Turner Prize’ which is an annual prize presented to a British visual artist under 50. ‘Turner Prize’ is organized by the Tate gallery and staged at Tate Britain. It is a contemporary art award that was set up in 1984 to celebrate new developments in contemporary art. Famous winners are Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin, Rachael Whiteread, Gilbert & George.

TUNA PRIZE is an art award celebrating the well-performed graduating students of Academy of Visual Arts, HKBU. It was set up in 2009 by the first year alumni, and it is judged by alumni from different year and awarded in the graduation show each year. The latest trend of local art can be seen through the young artists’ jury panel. Therefore, Tuna Prize is a special significant for every fresh graduate. We hope that it can keep going on by graduates of coming years and years.

We award one winner each year, with certificate, trophy and cash award, which give alumni’s appreciation to the excellent artwork and to cheer on our ‘next generation’.

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