2014 TUNA PRIZE Winner - 張梓軒 CHANG Tsz Hin, Kenneth

2014 TUNA PRIZE Winner
張梓軒 CHANG Tsz Hin, Kenneth
<他 / 她是 He / She is>

麥克筆布本 Marker on canvas
10cm x 10cm (250 pcs)


Appearances help us recognize the identities of person due to their unique facial features. In fact, it is undependable and indefinite, as identities change in different situations. There is a time when we encounter a person, who gives us a sense of having met before, yet we are unable to recap his or her identity.
The work displays a series of some familiar “TV characters” through an animated approach on facial drawing. It leads viewers to explore the original identities of faces; and creates a relevant platform to re-experience the feeling of familiarity.

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