2010 TUNA PRIZE Winner - 伍啟豪 Roger Ng Kai Ho

2010 TUNA PRIZE Winner



愛作無聊事,但心水很清。 對圖像處理尤感興趣,愛發現社會的荒誕無稽。

2010   犀利畢業生聯展  Cultamap X青年廣場青年廣場,柴灣
           出爐-藝術系畢業生聯展 藝術公社牛棚藝術村

           SOLOS 視覺藝術院畢業展視覺藝術院畫廊,視覺藝術院香港浸會大學
           SCOOP 攝影展,視覺藝術院畫廊,視覺藝術院香港浸會大學

           LIVING IN B04 混合媒介展,視覺藝術院畫廊,視覺藝術院香港浸會大學
           HERE V ARE 視覺藝術院畫廊,視覺藝術院香港浸會大學
2009   祁趣 中國繪畫展,林護國際會議中心香港浸會大學

2010 TUNA PRIZE Winner

Roger Ng Kai Ho
 Image Editor
Mixed media

Artwork statement:
Observing every scratch in images found in the streets, we can find some inside stories behind the visual images. I repair the destroyed images for the purpose of responding to these stories.

About the artwork:
Whenever we see a banner of councilor being scratched or damaged, we may have snigger on it because of the “funny additive” added on the images. The scars on faces, cracks on teeth and the missing eyes are what we can commonly observe from the victimized image or banners.

Someone will just treat this phenomenon as a foolish prank and passes away. I think, however, it is a quite interesting subject matter by reading the scratches.
They, mostly strangers, create a narration onto the banner. I believe every scratch on banner have their own stories, which are related to both the one who scratched and the one who being scratched.

What I am going to do is not investigating the intention and behavior of those who create the narration. On the contrary, I try to project the stories behind each scratch by repairing them. Afterwards audience with different political and educational background may have advanced interpretation about the scratches based on my repairing.
I collect and repair the destroyed images to expose and to introspect the implied stories to the audience.
see video

About Artist:
Roger received his bachelor degree in Visual Arts in Academy of Visual Arts of Hong Kong Baptist University in 2010. Though operating with a non-sense and illogical mind, Roger observes everything clear. Roger likes to work with Image editing, the absurd existing in society is one of the major content of his work.   

2010    Cool Grad-show Joint-University Exhibition
            Cultamap X Youth Square, Youth Square, Chai Wan
            New Trend 2010 Joint-University exhibition
            Artist Commune, Cattle Depot Artist Village
            SOLOS Graduation Show, AVA Gallery, Academy of Visual Arts, HKBU
            SCOOP Photography Exhibition, AVA Gallery, Academy of Visual Arts, HKBU
            Living in B04 Mixed Media Exhibition, AVA Gallery, Academy of Visual Arts, HKBU
            Here V Are Design Exhibition, AVA Gallery, Academy of Visual Arts, HKBU
2009    QIQU Chinese Painting Exhibition of AVA
            Lam Woo International Conference Centre, HKBU

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